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Adoption by a Same-Sex Couple

Adoption Generally

Any couple that chooses to adopt a child must go through a rigorous background check. Often times, it may take many months or years for an adoption to be successfully completed. Although some states permit single individuals to adopt children, most states do not permit the adoption of a child by a same-sex couple.

States That Permit Adoption

The vast majority of states do not permit same-sex couples to adopt a child. There are four states that currently permit adoption by same-sex couples. Those states are:

    • California
    • Massachusetts
    • New Jersey
    • Vermont

Proponents of Same-Sex Adoption

There are many homosexual individuals that are in favor of permitting adoption by same-sex couples. They often argue that they are able to provide a loving home life for a child and are able to financially support such a responsibility. Proponents of same-sex couple adoption contend that two parents, regardless of their gender, who love a child is better than the child remaining in the foster care system for an indefinite period of time.

Opponents of Same-Sex Adoption

Often times the same individuals who oppose same-sex marriages or civil unions oppose permitting same-sex couple adoptions. Opponents cite the fact that the child may be confused, teased, and ridiculed for having two parents of the same gender. Other individuals are simply against adoption by a same-sex couple on the basis that a same-sex relationship is improper and immoral.

Current Litigation

The issue of same-sex couple adoption is currently being litigated in the state of Florida. As time continues, further litigation in many other states is quite possible.

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